About Us

Leading the way in enriching the lives of disabled people

We are the leader in enriching the lives of disabled people. Our founder, Leonard Cheshire, laid the foundations of our work today in May 1948, when he took a dying man into his home and nursed him by himself. From these roots, we have led the way in establishing effective ways of supporting disabled people, currently reaching over 20,000 disabled people over our global operations.

To learn more about the legacy of our organisation, you can access REWIND, the archive of our organisation’s 7 decades of history, on: https://rewind.leonardcheshire.org/.

Largest disability non-profit organisation in the UK

We have built our local operations into the largest disability non-profit organisation in the UK, with around 7,000 employees. Our care structure in the UK includes providing care in:

  • people’s own homes
  • supported living accommodation
  • residential homes
  • day centres
  • respite centres

Our values

Positive - warm and empathetic - we always look to progress and improve.

Proud - strong-willed and spirited - we are firm in our beliefs.

Pioneering - confident and imaginative - we are creative change makers.

Building a more equitable society

We are committed to building a more equitable society through raising awareness on disability, campaigning on policy, and through our programmes, which include:

  • training and employment programmes – which help people to learn new skills, grow in confidence and find fulfilling work;
  • disability training for employers – which help them support disabled people and make the most of every individual’s skills.

Growing our global impact

We have a strong international presence. Through our global alliance of more than 200 affiliated organisations, we are operating in 54 countries, making a difference in the lives of disabled children, young people and adults through improving their access to education and employment.

In our past financial year:
  • we helped over 9,000 children gain access to schooling
  • trained over 11,000 people and helped them into employment

We are aiming to reach and improve the lives of more than 100,000 disabled people in Africa and Asia over the next four years.

Ongoing transformation to grow our impact

We honour our past, drawing on our legacy to inspire us for the future. We are transforming into a modern, relevant and sustainable organisation.

We invite you to join us in this journey!